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The mission of religious education in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead is to provide an opportunity for the lifelong exploration of religious and spiritual understanding. To foster this broad-based inquiry, we support and encourage the exploration, questioning, testing and application of Unitarian Universalist Principles. We support our children and youth in their search for greater knowledge, self discovery and understanding by offering a program that develops:

  • A sense of connection: among ourselves, with our UU principles, and with the world
  • Respect for each otherís inherent worth and uniqueness
  • The practice of compassion through social justice
  • Our creative potential to be open to our dreams, imagination and talent


The Unitarian Universalist education program envisions a dynamic, intergenerational community which, in partnership with the Director of Religious Education, Minister, and congregation, will:

  • Energize the learning experience
  • Encourage opportunities to connect with themselves and others
  • Challenge thinking
  • Nurture ongoing religious, spiritual and personal growth
  • Create a sense of responsibility

Participants in our religious education program will develop a strong belief system which incorporates Unitarian Universalist Principles into daily life.

Welcome to Religious Education Programming at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead!

We welcome all to join us in worship, learning and fellowship. In our liberal faith community, we consider religious education to be a lifelong pursuit. The UUCM community provides opportunities, both in the classroom and in the community, to support, nurture, and rejoice in our individual spiritual journeys. Our programming includes classes, intergenerational worship, children and youth worship, service opportunities, and special fellowship opportunities. Our Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources guide our curricula choices. Through stories and service, music and mentoring, creativity and curiosity, faith and fun, we discover and encourage the joys of spiritual community for all ages. Come and join us!


Lisa Maria Andreoli, Director of Religious Education, 781-631-1215

From the Settled Minister, Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo:

I feel so blessed to have grown up in a Unitarian Universalist household and religious community. In 1957 I was birthed into my faith, joining three generations of Unitarians on my mother's side and four on my father's side. Shortly afterwards, in 1961, the Unitarians and Universalists consolidated giving birth to yet another strain of liberal religion based on exploration, reason and the agreement that no one religion owned "the truth."

The religious education of my childhood was one that was bathed in mutual exploration of the world of thought, the world of ideas, the world of science, the world of awe, the world of reason and the world of experience. Here, we questioned, we touched, we asked and we answered ... and we knew we were never done.

It was in the church of my childhood that I came to understand that to be a person of faith, was to covenant with others and with the divine within each of us, to participate fully in life, to always seek an orientation toward justice and good, and to honor all others in their own experience of the divine. The experiences in religious education classes, in worship and in relationship with the lived faiths of the adults in my community were formative. They directly impacted my commitment to volunteerism, my commitment to be active in our democracy and my commitment to actively seek justice in our larger world.

I was gifted by my religious community nearly 50 years ago. Will we offer the same gift? Please join us in our cooperative effort to provide an environment of affirmation, of spiritual exploration and a call to faith development. We welcome you and we welcome all children. Please join us! The world awaits~

Yours in faith,

Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo