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Members of this church have long supported actions aimed at opposing the fossil fuel Peaker Plant in Peabody. The next action will take place on Tuesday, September 13 at 11 AM.  There will be a rally, speakers, singing, and an optional march one-half mile down Pulaski Street to the building site where a planned ‘die-in’  will take place.


All concerned members of the U-U church are invited to join this protest to say to the state, to MMWEC, to our participating towns, that we cannot tolerate any more fossil fuel facilities. This is also an opportunity to create headstones to convey issues such as: “Here lies __________  who died of Peaker Plant Induced COPD” “Here lies _________   who died of Peaker Plant induced Asthma” “Here lies __________  who died of heat exposure, exacerbated by the Peaker Plant." 

The Service on September 4th 2022 was on the subject of The Ministry for the Future. It was recorded and is available by clicking HERE

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