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Wheel of Life

Mark Horrigan family

We are sorry to share that Mark Horrigan’s mother, Claire Horrigan, died on Thursday morning, January 18, at 96 years old. Please keep the Horrigan family in your thoughts and prayers during this tender time. Condolence cards can be sent to Mark’s home at 27 Cloutman’s Lane, Marblehead MA 01945.

Kashner family

Frank and Cathy Kashner share, with sadness, that Frank’s brother Lenny Kashner died on December 20 and Cathy’s stepmother, Joanne Anderson, also died on December 20. The Kashners invite you to send condolence emails to Frank’s email ( and appreciate your love and prayers during this time. And, yet, the Kashners add, there is also the joy that, this Sunday, they will celebrate Cathy's mother's 100th birthday with a party of her friends and loved ones. “And she still has every marble!”

Michael Winocour

The Winocours would like to share with you a happy update that Michael’s surgery to repair 5 cervical vertebrae was completed successfully on Thursday 1/12. As of Thursday afternoon, he was expected to spend one night in the hospital and looks forward with hope to the relief of his pain after recovery. Please keep Michael in your thoughts during this recovery process! 

Stathi Stratis

Stathi is doing well. He is avoiding potential exposure to Covid.  He would welcome visits where he lives.  He can schedule a meeting in the community room where he is living for 2 or 3 people with masks.  If anyone would like to visit it is best to text him to set up a date and time. 

His number is 781-215-1733.  He is residing at River Rock Residence, 70 Boston St, #311, Salem.

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