Affordable Housing

Housing presents some challenges as the Boston area has some of the highest housing costs in the nation. State and local governments have worked to ease the burden for as many persons as funds and voter attitudes allow. The committee and UUCM members generally support these programs and we have worked to increase local understanding.


In particular, a Meetinghouse Lecture event in June, 2021, explained the legal terminology and history in Marblehead of efforts to improve the availability of "affordable" housing. The presenters have made their material available and we make them available to you, here.

Generally, people are interested in the affordability of housing for various reasons. For instance, it can be difficult for public employees to live in the town where they work. The Social Action committee members are very interested in Marblehead becoming more diverse, esp. as to race. 

We recognize and acknowledge that cost is but one reason for the lack of diversity. Perhaps, more serious is the continued intrinsic racial attitudes to be found in too many inhabitants. For more, see our project on Racism and White Privilege.