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Ferry Beach Retreat

We join together as three congregations – Marblehead, Northboro & Haverhill to create one magical retreat in the beautiful wonder of Ferry Beach in Saco ME. We’ve found that many lasting relationships have been formed through this practice of annual retreat and we enjoy seeing new faces as well as seasoned attendees each year.

Pricing includes Lodging and Four meals. The accommodations: One of the three buildings on this seaside campus is heated but the insulation has improved greatly in the other two. That’s a way of saying ‘bring warm clothing and a cozy sleeping bag. You will need your own bedding, towels, pillow and toiletries. Each floor has shared bathrooms and showers.


The schedule: People arrive in the afternoon on Friday and some bring simple meals, others eat on the way and still others make plans to meet and go out for food. Any of these are fine and the dining room is freely accessible if you wish to bring your meal inside and have a place to dine. The dining room is a common gathering spot and also welcomes games, puzzles and music making. You are welcome in the dining room at any time to get coffee, tea, milk or water or hot chocolate. Fruit is generally available as is toast and cereal.

We will meet as a group at 7:00 pm on Friday night to get to know one another and go over a few rules. After that the schedule is very relaxed.


•Breakfast from 8:00-9:00

•Lunch 12:30-1:30

• Sand-making contest judging 3:00 pm

•Wine and cheese- BYO (snacks welcome)

•Dinner 6:00-7:00 • Talent/no-talent show 7:30

•Youth gathering on the beach after the show



•Breakfast on from 8:00-9:00

•Pick-up choir at 9:30

•Worship at 10:00 in the outdoor chapel

•Check Out by 11:00 am

•Departure: whenever you’re able to pull yourself away from the sun, surf & fellowship!

Other than that, you are on your own time for rocking and talking on the porch, playing games or singing, walking, knitting, reading, etc! What to bring: Linens, pillows, towels, toiletries, games, bathing suit for polar bear swim, puzzles, musical instruments, crafts to share, snacks to share if you’d like, books, etc.


The retreat takes place annual during the second to last weekend of the month of October.



ferry beach
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