Me & Thee MOU

Me & Thee Music is a group that has actually been a part of UUCM for all of its more than 50 years of providing principally live music performances. With exceptions they have been presented in the church sanctuary and are most often 'folk' or acoustic in style.

While actually a part of the church, Me & Thee Music has a rather unique relationship. It operates almost completely independently. This has often confused church leaders and others. In an effort to clarify this relationship, a Memo of Understanding (MOU) was drafted and signed by the responsible parties.

Please note that the MOU uses the term Coffeehouse to mean the organization originally called "me & thee coffeehouse" but now calling itself Me & Thee Music.  We have found that the term 'coffeehouse' is now frequently misunderstood and while it continues to be used, we are trying to get away from its use.