Save the Date – Name That Tune Night!
The Transition Team is delivering the FUN this month! Please join us via Zoom on Thursday, January 27th from 7 to 8 p.m. for an evening of “Name That Tune.” We will play snippets of songs from the 60s and 70s and give you the chance to:

  • Wow us with your incredible knowledge

  •  Relive a few (hopefully great) memories 

  • Laugh at yourself and with each other

  • Earn points that – ultimately – mean nothing   :)

Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss this “evening in” with your fellow UUCM-ers! (Zoom and other details will be sent out closer to the event.)
Hope to see you there!
Your Transition Team
Paul Travis, Christine VanGemert, Susie LaBrie & Rev. Seth

January 13th

Dear UUCM Church Family,

Your Reopening Task Force continues our ongoing work of helping the church navigate pandemic life as circumstances continue to evolve. In light of the Omicron wave that you are all undoubtedly highly aware of, the Task Force has made a recommendation to the Board of Trustees about what adjustments to church policy we consider prudent. We are waiting on the Board's review of that recommendation - they will either approve it as is, modify and approve, or reject it.

In the meantime, we, the volunteer tech team and the staff members responsible for broadcasting the service, are clear that with Omicron's spread and contagiousness, we are not comfortable broadcasting the service with in person attendance at least for the remainder of January. We are willing to broadcast from the sanctuary with just the tech team and staff present, and will do so, but attendance will be available on Zoom only. As noted above, the Reopening Task Force meets every week, and we will make an evaluation about services in February towards the end of the month when we have a better sense of how the conditions have changed.

We hope that you all stay safe, wear masks (KN95 or N95 are highly recommended with Omicron), and avoid large indoor gatherings, and we look forward to seeing you on Zoom on Sunday mornings this month.

-Your Reopening Task Force

Bill Smalley
Holly Aloha Jaynes
Mark Wilhelm
Roxanne Campbell
Paul Travis
Karen Gahagan
Rev. Seth Carrier-Ladd

Congregation Discussion

On January 30, from 12:30 to 1:30 on Zoom, Holly Jaynes and Frank Kashner will host a
congregational discussion on how can our congregation can work to help slow down
the climate disaster. Our hopes are that this community event will bring us together
to talk about actions each of us can take to work towards common goals for the
climate together. This is a forum for you to bring your concerns, questions and
actions you’d like to see happen. Please join us for this very important gathering.

Meeting ID: 852 5249 9935
Passcode: 389357
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,85252499935#,,,,*389357# US (New York)


Salem Explorer's Intersession Program

Salem Explorer's Intersession program
For those of you who are interested - Explorer's in Salem is presenting a FREE Virtual Intersession on each Wed morning during Jan and Feb.  Please go to this website to see their offerings...

For those who never have attended - well worth your time to tune it.
Bill Smalley

Building & Grounds Report

Speaking of being all in this together…

We wanted to take a moment, halfway through the last month of the year, to fill you in on some good news and some not so good news. 

The good news is the continued improvement to the building and grounds: 

  • Yes, those windows are very well painted. 

  • Yes, those gutters are cleaned and oiled. 

  • Yes, those grounds are mowed and raked (again) and the piles of leaves and brush are gone.

  • Yes, the minister’s office is now well insulated and will be reorganized by early next week. 


Much of this has happened since our last Work Day on November 20th. Our contractor, Telly, was also able to take care of an emergency situation in the basement and has been fully paid for his efforts. 


The bad news is the B&G fund is out of money. If you are:

  • impressed and encouraged by the photos below and those we have sent in previous emails;

  • thinking “gosh, I meant to contribute to that B&G Sponsor-a-Project fundraiser, but never got around to it;”

  • wanting to one more taxable donation before 2021 closes out;

  • or if you have funds which did not get spent at the Red Bow Fair, NOW would be a really good time to send that money to your other home. 


We want to continue our efforts, but we need your help. Addressing the emergency situation in the basement ate up some of funds that had been earmarked for repairing that hole in the ceiling of the hallway outside of the office, and for updating the Stetson porch lights.

A big “thank you” to Craig Gariepy, Oliver Loewen, Steve Krom, Hilary Doliber and Bill Smalley, for holding an impromptu mid-December Work Day to make sure the gutters were cleaned and the lawns were raked one final time before winter, storm windows were put in, and snow poles were installed along the path to the Memorial Garden and the back of the church.

To help fund further repairs and improvements around the buildings and grounds, please either: 

  1. Mail a check to UUCM, 28 Mugford Street, Marblehead, MA  01945. Be sure to write “B&G” in the memo line.

  2. Click on the link below to make a secure online payment:


Wishing you a healthy and happy end to the year!


Your Buildings & Grounds Committee:
Hilary Doliber, Steve Krom, Susie LaBrie, Bill Smalley & Mark Wilhelm

Click Here to Submit an eBlast Announcement

please submit your announcement by Thursday 9 a.m.

Meghan Boehmer's Bike Journey

Kathy Sands-Boehmer's daughter, Meghan, successfully completed.a 5,000 mile bike adventure tracing the Lewis and Clark Trail from Pittsburgh, PA to Seaside, OR this summer.  Meghan is a self-proclaimed history nerd and is attempting to write a fictional narrative of the expedition. Kathy was able to meet up with Meghan in North Dakota in mid-July and serve as her support vehicle driver to help her get through some of the challenging terrain by carrying equipment, food and water, etc. in her car. It took Meghan four months to the day to complete the trip.  Then the mother and daughter team headed back home to Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, they got rear-ended by a distracted driver on a highway in Kansas.  Both the bike and the car were totaled. The good news is that the bike probably cushioned the blow a bit.  But the sad news is that Meghan suffered a concussion which took a while to take effect and the end result is that in addition to back pain, she has had issues with her cognitive skills. You can't tell by this video due to the magic of editing software, but her speech is often halting due to her having to process her thoughts before she can speak. She's receiving some medical care that will hopefully help the situation. In any event, Kathy and Meghan hope you enjoy this video and learn something about her trip.

to watch Meghan's video please click here

New UUCM CommitteeChair and Assistant Needed


The BOT needs someone to step up for the position of Assistant Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer would deposit and/or sign checks in the Treasurer’s absence, and help manage the new Breeze system, working with Oliver Loewen, the Treasurer. Oliver assured us the new Breeze “is a breeze”.

We also need a new chair for the Memorial Garden. This person is responsible for coordinating the requests for the Memorial Garden, ordering plaques to go on the memorial stone, if requested, and digging a hole for the ashes. There is more information in Teresa’s office that can be available to interested person(s). 

Please contact Holly Jaynes at

While we won’t immediately be gathering together for in-person services, the church building and grounds are available for small groups to meet. Ten masked individuals can gather in Stetson or Holyoke, fifteen masked folks can gather in the Sanctuary, and fifteen masked-while-moving/unmasked-while-sitting people can gather on the patio. For further details on Reopening, Click Here. Remember to contact Teresa, our office administrator, if you’d like to reserve one of these spaces to meet.

A Note from the Transition Team:

November brings thoughts of thanks-giving. We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the work that our Board of Trustees and various committees do to keep UUCM running smoothly, especially given the challenges that the past couple of years have brought. Where would we be without our leaders, who keep our:

  • Best interests in mind with important decisions

  • Members cared for in such loving ways

  • Online services running smoothly

  • Building and Grounds looking beautiful and functioning well

  • Commitments to social justice through right action

  • Church in good financial standing through fundraising events

  • And oh, so much more?

With all of this in mind, we turn our attention to the third of our five Transition Team goals: Navigate shifts in leadership that accompany times of transition. At the end of September, we held a discussion with a small, representative group of UUCM leaders. This gave us valuable information: how most people at UUCM wind up in a leadership role, what challenges our leaders face, ideas about how to develop future UUCM leaders, and some steps we can take to make new leadership roles easier to learn. We summed up what we heard and are sending recommendations to the Board this month, along with an offer to work with them where we can, to put these recommendations in place.

Until next time, we wish you a lovely November.


~Your Transition Team:

Paul Travis, Christine VanGemert, Susie LaBrie and Seth Carrier-Ladd




As the holiday season is upon us, partnering with our Immigrant neighbors is an especially important time.  At this time of year, our families are even more aware of the time and space that separates them from their loved ones in their home countries.   

Often when we donate in various charitable directions we have an idea where that support is going, but in Casa Mariposa land we know exactly where it goes, and who it benefits.

So please consider the Gift of Sponsorship on a one-time basis (to our General Sponsorship fund) or on a monthly basis via: Venmo: @jean-hamburg, bank check or personal check.

There is also an option to help our capital campaign via Pay Pal through the website:  ensuring that our 1839 Casa can have ongoing needed repairs!

Please feel to reach out with questions, thoughts, or even creative ideas about how to get to know more about our Very Special Casa Community.

Thank you! 


Marble Surface

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Pictures from Autumn Work Day
Saturday, November 20th

Frank Kashner, Oliver Loewen, Jack Weltner, Craig Gariepy, Reverend Seth and his son, Elias, Margaret, Ciaran and Julian Clark, Steve and Christine Krom, Bill Smalley, Hilary Doliber, Susie and Emmett LaBrie and their Beverly friends (Harry, Mars, Adam, and Samantha)


UUCM History Book

Lisa Gery worked with JoAnn Silva to publish Mike Gery's comprehensive history of UUCM. It is an interesting read.

Contact Teresa ( to get your own copy.

End of Life: Expect the Unexpected

an offering from your
Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead Pastoral Associates

Dear Church Community,

We are pleased to share with you a form developed by Sue Haas and the Pastoral Care Associates to help us prepare for the end of life, expect the unexpected, and assist those left behind after we have died (click button below to download). It suggests what might be important or relevant information for our survivors to have on hand at the time of our deaths, and offers a place to gather and store that information in advance. You can fill this out electronically or print it out and give copies to any of your loved ones. The church would like to have copies of any wishes for your memorial service - please send copies of these pages to Teresa to store for the minister.

In the fall we plan to have a workshop, and maybe a panel discussion, to help with questions and offer help with the feelings this process may engender. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to one of us.

Your UUCM Pastoral Associates
Roxanne C, Jay M, Trish S, Nancy D, Holly J, Sally S, Sheila D., Judy D, Sheila C-B, Jack W,  Rev. Seth Carrier-Ladd