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Save the date for Annual Meeting this year:
Sunday June 11 at Noon! 

Although, traditionally, UUCM's Annual Meeting falls on the third Sunday of the church year, the Board of Trustees voted this spring to move Annual Meeting up by one Sunday to avoid the Father's Day date conflict. So, please mark in your calendars that Annual Meeting this year will be on Sunday 6/11 at 12:00pm in person and on Zoom, and the Pre-Annual Meeting congregational discussion will be on Sunday 6/4 at 12:00pm in person and on Zoom, as well.

Pride Paper Fan


To all our friends and allies...   Just a reminder that this is Pride Month and so there are a lot of activities around Boston, the State and HERE in Marblehead.  
This Saturday, Marblehead will again enjoy raising the Progressive Pride Flag at Abbot Hall, June 3rd at 3pm.  There will be speakers, raising the Flag on the Town's flagpole [unheard of years ago...] and lots of Celebration.  Remember that some of our members were very instrumental in getting this done... !
On Sunday June 4 at 4pm the 2nd Annual Pride Party will be held at the Beacon Restaurant on Pleasant St. There will be music & dancing, a signature Pride drink, appetizers and you can bet there will be a drag or three! Cover is $20. pp or 2/$35. This is sponsored by the Marblehead Pride Committee and the Beacon Restaurant. Proceeds will go to North Shore Pride & Nagly (North Shore LGBTQ+ youth).
We are looking into re-starting our participation in the Boston Pride March - next Saturday - June 10th.  Including going to Arlington St Church for worship and celebration beforehand.  Stay tuned for more information.
And you won't want to miss UUCM's Pride worship service the following day, on Sunday June 11 (at 10:30am). 
and then on Sat June 24th - Michael Austin is organizing our participation in North Shore's Pride March in Salem.

Lots going on to Celebrate. Holly and Bill for the UUCM Welcoming Congregation.

Summer Services

Paul Travis is beginning to recruit folks to help out with the lay-led services this summer; if you have a topic you’d like to speak about, or if you’d like to be involved with summer services in any other capacity, please reach out to Paul Travis at

Note: Summer services will be held in Holyoak room with entry via the patio door.

Committee of Shared Ministry

We want tell you, the congregation of the newly formed Committee of Shared Ministry.
We hope to support Rev. Jenna in her ministry, assist with conflicts and other issues that will come up.
We have met together and will be ready to start in September.
We are Hazel Grenham, Jay Morrison, Susie LaBrie and Christine van Gemert, led by Rev. Jenna.


NS pride.jpg

Hello Marblehead UU'ist Folks
Last year at NSPride we were noticeably absent. Other UU churches were there proudly proclaiming the diversity of our community with banners and great solidarity!

                Let's Join this year and
                show them who we are.

It will be a great way to show support to our LGBTQ+ community. It may even draw people to us who want to know more about our community and our commitment to DIVERSITY.

Please mark your calendars with this date to attend with us in the parade march in Salem, MA. Stand by for more information!

Michael Austin

Learn Tango Dancing

Would you like there to be more dancing in your life? Stathi Stratis will be teaching more
tango dance sessions this summer. If you would like to sign up for his class, please contact him at

dance class.jpg

Interested in being a GA delegate?!
(June 21-25) 

The UUA’s General Assembly is the largest annual gathering of Unitarian Universalists nationwide, and is where all of the business of our national Association takes place (along with many fun and educative workshops and other trainings). General Assembly 2023 will be held both in person in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and online. If you are a member of UUCM, are you interested in attending GA this year as one of our delegates–either online, or joining Rev. Jenna in Pittsburgh? GA is a great place to see how our national organization runs and fine-tune your leadership skills. If you’re interested, please write to Rev. Jenna at to let her know. In the case of a lot of interest, preference would be given to folks who have never attended a GA before, but please write anyways even if you are a frequent GA attender! 

Calling all OWL Facilitators (& Prospective Students!)

Exciting news! A grades 7-9 OWL program made up of youth from the UU congregations in Swampscott, Salem, and Marblehead will be running next year. The two lead facilitators have been confirmed, but they are looking for folks who are trained in 7-9 OWL to be on the roster as alternate teachers. So 1) are you trained and interested in joining this fabulous crew as an alternate facilitator? And 2) Are you in grades 7-9, or do you have a child in grades 7-9, or know someone in grades 7-9 that might be interested in joining the  program? If you answered yes to either of those questions please email Rev Jenna at to let her know, & thank you! 

Community Office Hours w/ Rev Jenna @ Mookie’s at Mugford!

As the church year is winding down, Rev. Jenna is fast realizing she won’t be able to visit with everyone who has reached out this spring to connect, which is not a fun realization! So, Rev. Jenna will be holding two different community drop-in office hours times at the nearby coffee shop, Mookie’s at Mugford. If you are available, please feel free to swing by Mookie’s during either of the two times below to connect - no RSVP is necessary! Rev. Jenna is looking forward to meeting with folks who come by! (p.s. Rev Jenna is still available for pastoral care visits and appointments).

      -Thursday May 25, 12-2:00pm

      -Wednesday June 7, 10am-12pm 

Join the Pilgrimage to the End of the World:
the Camino de Santiago!!

Through UUCM’s CommUUnity Collaborative relationship, UUCM members are invited to join local UUs for a pilgrimage along a special stretch of the Camino de Santiago in Spain next year, from May 26 - June 3, 2024. Finesterre is a headland on the northwest Spanish coast that the ancients believed was the end of the known world. Finisterre predates nearby Santiago de Compostela as a Celtic sacred site and pilgrimage destination. Throughout history people have traveled to Finesterre to give thanks for the Earth and to contemplate the mysteries that lie beyond the shores of our knowledge. As this expedition group moves across beautiful terrain, they (and maybe YOU) will also explore the inner landscape of our hearts and souls with the help of daily readings, questions, spiritual practices, and group reflection every evening before dinner. If you are interested, there is an informational meeting online on Monday, June 12, at 7pm. If you think you might be interested in joining this pilgrimage (no commitment yet!), please let the CommUUnity Collaborative know by contacting our registrar Lillian Anderson at More itinerary, travel, and cost details can be found in this flier:  CLICK Here

ECCO Boat Cruise

You’re invited to ECCO’s Boat Cruise, on Sunday June 4

What: You are invited to ECCO's annual Boat Cruise Fundraiser, the best social justice dance party of the summer!  Join us for an evening of socializing, a DJ dance party, and refreshments with ECCO's vibrant and diverse community.

When: Sunday, June 4th, 6:00-9:00pm.  Boarding starts at 6pm.  Arrive by 6:15pm to get on the boat!

Where to meet: 63 Rodgers St., Gloucester, MA

Buy tickets: (discounted tickets are available as well!)



Door Closing of Exterior Doors ...

From the B&G committee - When you leave the building, please make sure the exterior door that you use is LOCKED, LATCHED AND SHUT.  We have found the exterior doors have been unlocked and unlatched - so PLEASE make sure from the outside the door is locked and shut when you leave.  thanks...

B&G comm - Steve Krom, Mark Wilhelm, Susie LeBrie, Hilary Doliber and Bill Smalley 

We Are Hiring!

On Thursday, March 16, the Board of Trustees approved the RE strategy/search team’s proposal to begin a search for a new Coordinator for Religious Exploration and Congregational Life (for between 13-18 hours/week).


The RE strategy/search team formed (out of a series of conversations at the Board) at the beginning of 2023, charged with collecting a wide swath of data and discerning what a good next step would be for our RE program and, subsequently, how we might position ourselves for growth. The RE strategy/search team quickly got to work collecting data from within the congregation, connecting with religious educators in the field and congregations “mixing it up” in the RE space, and with local UU neighbors and partners.


By mid-March we were ready with a proposal for the BOT and on the 16th, got approval to begin a search for a Coordinator for Religious Exploration and Congregational Life. Both the RE strategy/search team and 5 Year Plan Task Force have been in conversation about also bringing in a consultant sometime next year, too, so plans are underway to continue to discern what area(s) of expertise would be most beneficial for us.


We are so excited about this next step. If you know of any talented educators, please send them our way by passing along our job posting! 

Article II Resources

The UUA is working to rewrite the 7 Principles and other changes 

Look for  "UUA Article II" under About Us, Also...

In her article published in the February newsletter, Rev. Jenna spoke about the following two resources, one (1) which tracks our faith statements over time, and the second (2) which details the Article II study commission’s full report that was brought before the UUA board on January 20. Check them out here! 


UUCM History Book

Lisa Gery worked with JoAnn Silva to publish Mike Gery's comprehensive history of UUCM. It is an interesting read.

Contact Teresa ( to get your own copy.

End of Life: Expect the Unexpected

an offering from your
Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead Pastoral Associates

Dear Church Community,

We are pleased to share with you a form developed by Sue Haas and the Pastoral Care Associates to help us prepare for the end of life, expect the unexpected, and assist those left behind after we have died (click button below to download). It suggests what might be important or relevant information for our survivors to have on hand at the time of our deaths, and offers a place to gather and store that information in advance. You can fill this out electronically or print it out and give copies to any of your loved ones. The church would like to have copies of any wishes for your memorial service - please send copies of these pages to Teresa to store for the minister.
Please contact Teresa or Seth, or Trish Sullivan or Jack Weltner.

Your UUCM Pastoral Associates
Roxanne C, Jay M, Trish S, Nancy D, Holly J, Sally S, Sheila D., Judy D, Sheila C-B, Jack W,  Rev. Seth Carrier-Ladd 




As the holiday season is upon us, partnering with our Immigrant neighbors is an especially important time.  At this time of year, our families are even more aware of the time and space that separates them from their loved ones in their home countries.   

Often when we donate in various charitable directions we have an idea where that support is going, but in Casa Mariposa land we know exactly where it goes, and who it benefits.

So please consider the Gift of Sponsorship on a one-time basis (to our General Sponsorship fund) or on a monthly basis via: Venmo: @jean-hamburg, bank check or personal check.

There is also an option to help our capital campaign via Pay Pal through the website:  ensuring that our 1839 Casa can have ongoing needed repairs!

Please feel to reach out with questions, thoughts, or even creative ideas about how to get to know more about our Very Special Casa Community.

Thank you! 


Marble Surface

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