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Marblehead Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, Tuesday Nov 21 at 5:30pm at St. Andrews


The annual Marblehead Ministerial Association Interfaith Thanksgiving service will be held at St. Andrews Episcopal Church this year at 135 Lafayette Street on Tuesday November 21 at 5:30pm. This year’s service will have a particular family-friendly focus, which is why it’s also being held a little earlier in the evening than is typical. Come one, come all!

Lynn Shelter Association is in need of supplies for newly arrived refugees

There has been a recent influx of refugees into our state, since we are a state that supports the right to housing for families with small children.  Several agencies are on the front line trying to locate housing for families newly arrived in the state, Lynn Shelter Association (LSA) among them. LSA is responsible for seeing that the families’ daily needs are met, and with so many items constantly requested, they have trouble keeping up. Marblehead communities of faith are being called on to assist in this effort. The items in need, currently, are: hats, gloves/mittens, socks, diapers, and wipes. The Church of St. Andrew at 135 Lafayette Street is currently collecting all donations from the Marblehead faith communities so please bring anything you’d like to donate there, but if there is anyone out there who would like to coordinate a UUCM drop off zone, the items of which can be taken to St. Andrews all together, let Rev Jenna know! Donations to the LSA are always welcome as well: 

PT's journey.jpg

The date is August 20th. 1989. Pack your bags!

Please join me on a thirty-year international physical therapy teaching-treating-travel adventure. In 1988 I received an invitation to go to Perth, Australia to teach physical therapy at Curtin University for a month. Nancy DeMuth and I explored expansions of the trip to other locations in Australia, in Taiwan, and to other Asian countries.

This first ten-month teaching trip evolved into 30 years of international teaching, consulting, and patient care experiences. Each week beginning in September you will receive photo highlights that you can view on an Instagram page, Facebook page, or on my webpage.

In or near the beginning of December you can purchase the memoir Boston, Bangkok, Bombay, and Beyond: A Physical Therapist’s Journey. This book highlights these humanitarian and travel events. Please join me and Nancy in these amazing life experiences.

Exciting news!!!

The site will be live on September 1, 2023 and I can be reached at

Patricia E. Sullivan, DPT, PhD

News from B & G

B&G and Church Membership thanks the following:

Julian and Ciaran Clark and their friend Orin, Frank Kashner, Tricia Sullivan, Michael Austin, Hilary Doliber, Jay Morrison, Craig Gariepy, Marti Thompson, Sheila Donovan, Lucy Sprague, Paul Tremblay, Bill Smalley.

We did the following:
- raked the leaves, two trips to the dump with about 8 barrels of leaves
- power washed the front porch and surrounding areas
- got rid of all that black and green mold
- caulked between the new baseboards and walls
- cut lots of the vegetation 
- trimmed some branches

Next Saturday,  we plan to do it all once again... so you still have a chance to get your name on the list - 
Saturday - Nov 18th 9 to noon... 28 Mugford St

thanks all... B&G committee

[Steve Krom, Mark Wilhelm, Susie LeBrie, Hilary Doliber, Bill Smalley]

Dinner @ Church Potluck

In the spirit of community and the season of thanksgiving, we will be hosting a potluck dinner this month, on 18 November at 6:00 PM! This is a great event for family and friends of all ages. If you can, please bring a favorite dish to share. Please reach out to John Newhall ( if you would like to bring a dish and need suggestions or financial assistance. While you don't have to, it would be particularly helpful if you would RSVP (

Please Reserve the space you need

In order to avoid conflicts - all committees and other people using the building - please schedule with Teresa when you would like to use the building for committee or other uses, in case someone else has 'reserved' the building for that same time.  

Thank you
Bill Smalley

Spiritual Pilgrimage to Iona, Scotland, July 2024

Next summer, there will be an opportunity to join a small group of pilgrims to the island of Iona, in the Inner Hebrides.  Two week-long retreats, co-led by UU ministers Jenny Rankin (from First Church in Salem!) and Tricia Brennan, July 3-10, 2024 and July 12-19, 2024.  There are just a few spots left! Since Columba washed up on its shores in 563, the small island of Iona has drawn seekers and pilgrims.  To this day, it remains a peaceful place of green fields and ancient stone, wildflowers and bird song, blue ocean encircling all around.  People come for different reasons, to walk, pray, play, grieve, heal, reflect. To learn more about the leaders and past retreats, see photos and read testimonials, or to register, please visit our website:

Please feel free to contact Jenny ( or Tricia ( for more information.

Top 10 Reasons to Sing in the UUCM Choir

Singing boosts your confidence.
Singing can help with pain relief. ...
Singing lets you express yourself. ...
Singing builds a sense of community. ...
Singing helps improve memory. ...
Singing helps you beat stress and relax. ...
Singing enhances lung function. ...
Singing makes you feel better. ...

And we have fun! 

Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 7 pm. 


Communications at UUCM

There’s always so many events and programs happening at UUCM! In an effort to streamline our communications, ensure that your event/program information does get published, reduce the number of emails that we send out, and improve the readability of our communications, we are sharing with you some new Communications guidelines for 2023-24.


Submitting for the Weekly “Eblast”

  • How to submit: In order to submit a notice for the Friday eblast newsletter, please email Teresa at with your blurb by 12:00 pm on Thursday.

  • Please include a short title for your blurb, and submit a blurb averaging 100 words (maximum 150 words). Please send the blurb exactly as you would like to see it published in the eblast; we cannot publish your blurb until it is complete.

  • Word count: If your blurb is longer than 150 words and/or has pictures that you would like to share, you are invited to submit the announcement and photos for the monthly newsletter.

  • If you miss the deadline: Teresa will include your announcement in the following week’s eblast, and you can make a verbal announcement at the worship service on Sunday (from in-person or from Zoom!).

  • Placement of announcements: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to place your announcement on the top of the eblast. Please use the index. When you click on the title of the announcement in the index box it will send you directly to the announcement.


Submitting for the Monthly Newsletter: Our monthly newsletter “UUCM Happenings” is the place where we showcase longer stories from the previous month and announcements for the following month.

  • How to submit: In order to submit a notice for the monthly newsletter which is sent on the 1st of every month, you can email your article to Teresa at with your article by the end of the day on the 28th of the month before you’d like your article to go out.

  • Please send the notice exactly as you would like to see it published in the  newsletter; we cannot publish your article until it is complete.

  • If you miss the deadline: We will do our best to include your article or announcement but we cannot guarantee that your article will be included. Please be mindful that our staff and office are balancing multiple projects at once, and your adherence to the listed deadlines helps everything run more smoothly.


Standalone Email Announcements: In previous years, the office would accept and then send out special announcements as standalone one-time emails. We are trying to reduce the number of emails that the church sends out for the sake of our subscribers. We are moving toward sending out standalone emails exclusively for pastoral letters and a few big events of the year (e.g. Red Bow Fair, Annual Meeting, the Auction). If you have an event that you would like highlighted in our church communications, you may 1) submit a notice for the weekly eblast, 2) submit an article for the monthly newsletter (remember to plan ahead, knowing these come out monthly!) and/or  3) make a verbal announcement after worship on Sundays.


Thank you for your cooperation to help streamline and improve our digital communications this year!

OWL Sexuality Education for ALL Ages

Many people know the UU Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education program as a program for 7th-9th graders, but did you know that there are curricula for all ages of the lifespan? Our minds and bodies change as we grow and age, which makes developmentally-appropriate sex ed relevant our whole lives long. This year, our congregation is partnering with the UU congregations in Salem and Swampscott/Lynn to put on a number of different OWL programs. A 7th-8th grade OWL will run THIS FALL on Sunday evenings, starting Oct 1. OWL for older adults (50+) will be held in the Spring of 2024, and, pending interest, we may also run a Grade K-3 and Grade 4-6 OWL in the Spring as well. Please visit the website ( to learn more and fill out an interest form; classes may fill up. Please share this info widely with your networks; folks don’t need to be a member of UUCM to participate. You can reach out to our CRE John Newhall at with any questions.

Join the Pilgrimage to the End of the World:
the Camino de Santiago!!

Through UUCM’s CommUUnity Collaborative relationship, UUCM members are invited to join local UUs for a pilgrimage along a special stretch of the Camino de Santiago in Spain next year, from May 26 - June 3, 2024. Finesterre is a headland on the northwest Spanish coast that the ancients believed was the end of the known world. Finisterre predates nearby Santiago de Compostela as a Celtic sacred site and pilgrimage destination. Throughout history people have traveled to Finesterre to give thanks for the Earth and to contemplate the mysteries that lie beyond the shores of our knowledge. As this expedition group moves across beautiful terrain, they (and maybe YOU) will also explore the inner landscape of our hearts and souls with the help of daily readings, questions, spiritual practices, and group reflection every evening before dinner. If you are interested, there is an informational meeting online on Monday, June 12, at 7pm. If you think you might be interested in joining this pilgrimage (no commitment yet!), please let the CommUUnity Collaborative know by contacting our registrar Lillian Anderson at More itinerary, travel, and cost details can be found in this flier:  CLICK Here



Door Closing of Exterior Doors ...

From the B&G committee - When you leave the building, please make sure the exterior door that you use is LOCKED, LATCHED AND SHUT.  We have found the exterior doors have been unlocked and unlatched - so PLEASE make sure from the outside the door is locked and shut when you leave.  thanks...

B&G comm - Steve Krom, Mark Wilhelm, Susie LeBrie, Hilary Doliber and Bill Smalley 


UUCM History Book

Lisa Gery worked with JoAnn Silva to publish Mike Gery's comprehensive history of UUCM. It is an interesting read.

Contact Teresa ( to get your own copy.

End of Life: Expect the Unexpected

an offering from your
Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead Pastoral Associates

Dear Church Community,

We are pleased to share with you a form developed by Sue Haas and the Pastoral Care Associates to help us prepare for the end of life, expect the unexpected, and assist those left behind after we have died (click button below to download). It suggests what might be important or relevant information for our survivors to have on hand at the time of our deaths, and offers a place to gather and store that information in advance. You can fill this out electronically or print it out and give copies to any of your loved ones. The church would like to have copies of any wishes for your memorial service - please send copies of these pages to Teresa to store for the minister.
Please contact Teresa or Seth, or Trish Sullivan or Jack Weltner.

Your UUCM Pastoral Associates
Roxanne C, Jay M, Trish S, Nancy D, Holly J, Sally S, Sheila D., Judy D, Sheila C-B, Jack W,  Rev. Seth Carrier-Ladd 




As the holiday season is upon us, partnering with our Immigrant neighbors is an especially important time.  At this time of year, our families are even more aware of the time and space that separates them from their loved ones in their home countries.   

Often when we donate in various charitable directions we have an idea where that support is going, but in Casa Mariposa land we know exactly where it goes, and who it benefits.

So please consider the Gift of Sponsorship on a one-time basis (to our General Sponsorship fund) or on a monthly basis via: Venmo: @jean-hamburg, bank check or personal check.

There is also an option to help our capital campaign via Pay Pal through the website:  ensuring that our 1839 Casa can have ongoing needed repairs!

Please feel to reach out with questions, thoughts, or even creative ideas about how to get to know more about our Very Special Casa Community.

Thank you! 


Marble Surface

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