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Sunday, March 3th, 10:30am

"The Gifts that Keep on Giving"

It is Stewardship Season again, here at UUCM. The worship service this upcoming Sunday will be the formal kickoff to the Stewardship campaign, which will be led once again by the inimitable Sheila Donovan. During the service, we’ll be talking about “gift economies,” using a framework by Potawotami botanist and author, Robin Wall Kimmerer, and, inspired by her essay, our Time For All Ages will be a strawberry communion – you won’t want to miss it! 

~ Rev. Jenna

All persons attending a regular Sunday Service in person are asked to wear masks in the sanctuary. 

Service Offering

A vital piece of moving through this crisis is maintaining our UUCM building and systems. If you're able to participate in our customary Sunday morning plate donation, your donations of any amount will gratefully be received by clicking here, Sunday Morning Offering (online) or text the word "give" to 781-381-4488 and follow the prompts. Pledges can also be set up via text but you would have to text "amount+ pledge" (for example: 50 pledge or the amount you'd like to donate). You may also send checks to UUCM, 28 Mugford St. Marblehead, MA 01945. Thank you.

* in case the link above does not work, please go to the website:
* In case you haven't done this before, it will require you to create a new account to donate both online or by text *


We have a box full of covid tests with a April 26th, 2023 expiration date.
The box is in Sanctuary on the very last pew.
Please take as many as you would like!
IMPORTANT: the expiration date is 9 months later than the date stated on the boxes.

Prayers for People

We're continuing with the opportunity to submit your joy or sorrow for the Prayers for the People ritual ahead of time.  Click here to submit before the service:

If you use the form, you don't have to write it on a piece of paper if you're attending in person, and you don't have to type it into the chat quickly during the service if you're on Zoom.

We welcome all people without regard to age, race, national origin, ableness, class, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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