Sunday Services

This Sunday, May 22, 2022
Service at 10:30 a.m.


Rev. Seth is off this Sunday, and we will be using a service created by the UUA for its member congregations titled "Woven in a Single Garment of Destiny."  The creators of the service describe it like this: "How is our Unitarian Universalist theology connected to our practice of covenant? As we are called by our faith to take seriously our interconnection, what choices are demanded from us, as UUs?  Our practice of covenant echoes the theology of our Universalist and Unitarian ancestors, even as our promises, today, knit us together within our Unitarian Universalist communities. Those promises also shape our moral lives, calling us to extend care to the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our human family, rather than falling back on distorted notions of individual freedom."  The service features many UUs from across the country, including UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray offering the homily.


Please join us in person or on Zoom, as per usual.  The service will be displayed on the screens in the sanctuary for those in person, and shown on Zoom for those attending virtually.

No registration needed to show up and no limits on attendance

Prayers for People (not for this service)

We're continuing with the opportunity to submit your joy or sorrow for the Prayers for the People ritual ahead of time.  Click here to submit before the service:

If you use the form, you don't have to write it on a piece of paper if you're attending in person, and you don't have to type it into the chat quickly during the service if you're on Zoom.

Sunday Morning Offering

A vital piece of moving through this crisis is maintaining our UUCM building and systems. If you're able to participate in our customary Sunday morning plate donation, your donations of any amount will gratefully be received by clicking here, Sunday Morning Offering (online) or text the word "give" to 781-381-4488 and follow the prompts. Pledges can also be set up via text but you would have to text "amount+ pledge" (for example: 50 pledge or the amount you'd like to donate). You may also send checks to UUCM, 28 Mugford St. Marblehead, MA 01945. Thank you.

* in case the link above does not work, please go to the website:
* It will require you to create a new account to donate both online or by text *

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