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We welcome all to participate in the Sunday service in our lovely, historic building.

Regular Sunday services are held in the sanctuary at 10:30 a.m.
You can also join the live service virtually by clicking Here.

In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist,
we must be anti-racist.
~Angela Y. Davis

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Currently in Stetson Gallery

Trees and Morning Glories

This series of oil paintings began after my father died in 2001. It seemed only nature offered me solace. My father loved trees and we had a lot of them in our back yard in Everett, Massachusetts. My mother and father taught us the love, appreciation and importance of protecting nature.

Trees laden with blossoms in lush colors. Spring was rebirth. Summer burning with brilliant greens, yellows and oranges. Then of course autumn. How to capture the stunning foliage? I see the beauty and it makes me catch my breath.
My winter tree is called ‘Love’.

I had planted morning glories in the spring and the vines grew so tall with big, beautiful leaves- but no flowers yet. They needed a trellis. My Dad and I put one up. Two weeks later he died. That morning the buds burst open-He was speaking to me.

‘Cosmic Dance’ - my brother Eustathios loved this painting and bought it. He always believed in me as an artist. He also loved the pink flowers! It is all a dance between life and everything beyond.

For the past 35 years I have had the privilege and joy to teach painting
and curate student exhibitions of all ages here, in New England and in Greece, my ancestral home.

Currently, I have been exploring an ancient style of painting - encaustic. Using melted beeswax, pigment and fire you can create luminous, layered works. I love it!

For any inquiries please contact me at (617) 232-4211
thank you
Evmorphia Stratis

The Cosmic Dance


Sunday Morning Service

Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration--adult, youth, child


Choral and Instrumental Music

Social Action

Working to make the World better

We welcome all people without regard to age, race, national origin, ableness, class, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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