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What are the concrete benefits of membership?

  • Support of regular, exceptional and inclusive worship services.

  • Privilege of Leadership – Only Members may serve on the Board of Directors, as Pastoral Care Associates or as Worship Associates.

  • The ability to vote at congregational meetings and help in determining the direction of the church.

  • The ability to rent UUCM facilities at a reduced rate for private functions.

  • The ability for interment in our beautiful Memorial garden.

  • Access to scholarship funds for trainings and conferences

  • Free subscription to the UU World Magazine

  • Access to the Members-only pages on this website--access is controlled by the Church Administrator, via email address 


What are some less concrete benefits of membership?

  • Finding a home, where you are accepted, honored and celebrated for who you are, a place for marking Rites of Passage.

  • A profound connection with other caring people who share similar values.

  • Finding encouragement in one’s own spiritual and personal growth.

  • A place to share in each others’ joys and sorrows.

  • A sense of satisfaction through volunteering within UUCM and in the community.

  • Support for the Social Action cause of particular concern to you.

  • Feeling connected to a long and amazing legacy of an organization that has a 300 year heritage.


What are the responsibilities of membership?

  • Join us and be a part of the life of this congregation

  • Define and encourage your own regular spiritual practice as seems best to you.

  • Encourage and enable the Spiritual Growth of others.

  • Participate as a volunteer at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead.

  • Serve the community either through the UUCM or elsewhere.

  • Strive to pledge and pay your fair share on an annual basis


How do I become a member?


You can begin to become a member by contacting our minister,

Reverend Jenna Crawford.

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