Red Bow Fair

Second Virtual Reimagined Red Bow Fair

red bow fair banner.jpg

This year our traditional Red Bow Fair for the second year in a row came together virtually to  celebrate our community while raising funds for the health of our church.  

A small group of elves banded together masked and at a distance, at times, towns away, to  make the Reimagined Red Bow Fair 2 happen while being respectful of the guidelines provided  by the Reopening Committee and the Board of Trustees. Sheila Donovan gathered cost  estimates for the wreaths from a number of vendors then Maureen McKinnon got right to work  making the fabulous bows and attached them securely to the wreaths. But, before the bows  could be attached Patricia Sullivan scurried to Danvers to pick up the wreaths and delivered  them to the church. Carol Thompson busily poured over possible menu offerings and created  just the perfect menu to bring us right back in our imaginations to our tables at the Red Bow  Cafe. Then once the menu orders were placed, Carol got to work and cooked and cooked  until all selections were prepared and packaged and ready for pickup. Carolyn Corzine and  Gordie Corzine put on their aprons and prepared scrumptious pies that sold out ….all seven of  them! Carolyn, additionally, made the popular Equal Exchange Olive Oil available for gift giving  to others and to keep in our own kitchens. Oh, then the Bake items that were chosen and  baked by Susie LaBrie were not to be missed. So many choices....what to buy??? Marlaine Mahady Potter carefully poured over the items available for the World Market Place and chose  a variety of items that would be perfect for gift giving to both others and oneself. Pictures were  taken of the items for the website so folks could relax at home and shop for family and friends.  Does not get better than that! And Susie LaBrie shepherded our ever popular 50/50 Raffle to a  successful conclusion for both our winner and the church. Speaking of the 50/50 Raffle,  please, join us in congratulating the 2021 Raffle winners, Oliver and Maria Loewen. 

And virtual Reimagined Red Bow Fair would not be possible without a website! Hats off to  Susie LaBrie for updating the fabulous 2020 website that had been previously created by  Roxanne Campbell. User friendly, inviting and thorough are adjectives that immediately come  to mind when navigating this website.


The pick up of the treasures purchased at the Reimagined Red Bow Fair 2 in Stetson Hall by  groups in numbers allowed by the guidelines was a welcome change from the contactless pick  up that had been necessary in 2020. This provided folks, including Rev Seth, an opportunity  to chat and browse a small pop up table and be in the church building. We all would have  preferred to have had our in person Fair, but felt it was important to maintain the tradition,  celebrate our community and raise some funds for the work of our spiritual home. 

To all of the elves of the Reimagined Red Bow Fair 2, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!


And a huge Thank You to Teresa Coelho who was just so helpful during each phase of the  Reimagined Red Bow Fair 2 even while away in Brazil due to a family situation.  

We missed our Book Stall, White Elephant Room and Gift Table this year! But, hopefully, they  will be back next year!  

And to all of you who visited the Reimagined Red Bow Fair’s website, made purchases and/or  donated money a huge Thank You because without you it would not have been the  Reimagined Red Bow Fair! It took our entire congregation!  

Happy Holidays and the best of health! 

On behalf of all the Reimagined Red Bow Fair Elves, with gratitude Marlaine Mahady Potter  and Susie LaBrie